What is family law?

Are you interested in law? Do you know the different fields related to law? In courts, you come across different types of lawyers according to their specialty. Every field covers some distinct areas of law. In the law specialties, family law is essential and crucial. It deals with crucial areas related to family relations. You would have seen different family lawyers and have consulted them for your family and marital affairs. 

As the divorce rate is increasing, the demand for family lawyers is also n the boost. There are different family law firms Manchester offering their services to clients. Whenever you are going for a divorce, you need to hire a family lawyer to fight for you in court. But what is family law?

Family law

In this article, I shall go through the real meaning of family law and describe some important terms used in family law. Filmily law is a legal practice concerning affairs related to family and relationships. It includes adoption, divorce, and child custody. A family lawyer represents you in court and mediates the process of agreements and negotiation. He also drafts critical legal documents such as court petitions and property documents about your share. He also specializes in adoption, paternity, and emancipation. A family lawyer has skill in affairs related o divorce.

There are legal and reasonable formal requirements for marriage, including age and legal capacity. Each country has its regulations related to marital affairs. 

There is a procedure for divorce and other matrimonial affairs. The local regulations and customs rule these affairs.

There are different terms used in family law and related matters. Here is an overview of the essential conditions of family laws.

Common family law terms

  • Emancipation is a process of court in which a minor becomes self-supporting, and he can assume responsibility as an adult. The individual remains no longer under the care of his or her parents.
  • Marital property is the asset of a spouse which she acquires on the occasion of marriage. It is divided by court during the divorce process between the parting individuals.
  • Alimony is the allowance that an individual has to pay to parting spouse after legal parathion or divorce.
  • Paternity is the origin of a father. It is for confirming a biological l father of a child.

Outrage after figures show Glasgow issued over 100,000 bus lane fines last year


In just one year, Glasgow has issued British high-bus lane traffic offenders with hefty penalties.  In 2017 alone, over 108,000 drivers were slammed with bus lane fines. Speeding solicitors in Glasgow have also represented several motorists on lawsuits related to the same. In 2017/2018, Glasgow took an overall of £3.23 million, leading the number of fines recorded by the 40 local authorities spread across the country. The local city council at the city has also pointed out that the bus lane system was in full compliance with the relevant law. Conversely, the IAM-Institute of Advanced Motorists-has echoed the need for the local authorities to provide ideal signage to assist motorists. Under the current council regulations, motorists receive the fine when they are first apprehended in the bus gate or lane and issued with a £60 fee which is usually lowered to £30 if it is settled within 2 weeks.

A spokesman from the city has affirmed that the bus gate and lane signage comply with the relevant law. Bus lanes have also assisted Glasgow City Council to lower emissions and enhance the reliability of public transport services and journey times. The bus passenger number have continued to decrease in recent years but the local authorities are doing all they can to boost the essential form of public transport. According to Neil Greig, research and policy director from IAM has appointed that IAM RoadSmart is extremely disappointed that the city has continued to lead the specific league table. Although the Glasgow council has continued to express its commitment to provide clear signage to the leading money-making areas including Glassford Street and Nelson Mandela Place but drivers continue to get it wrong. Speeding solicitors have also continued to face an uphill task while explaining the new rules and regulations to new motorists who continue to see expert advice. Lorries, vans, and cars using the lanes cause safety hitches and unnecessary delays and therefore there is a need to make the tickets few and self-explanatory.

According to Confused.com, a reputed comparison site which analysed the data, nearly 45 % of motorists in Scotland committed the bus lane offences because they were not aware. The data also showed that nearly 31 % of Scottish drivers suggested that the collected fines should be invested in improving the bus lane signage. The survey indicated that only 17 % of drivers did not have to meet the charges after refuting the fines. Over 25 % British drivers who had used bus lanes admitted that they chose to do so to avoid traffic jam and they were aware of the fines. According to Richard Freeman, one of the top-rated speeding solicitors in the country, the level of fines issued in Glasgow has continued to increase though most of the driver uses the bus lanes unknowingly.

The main risks of claiming without a lawyer

Accidents are a regular occurrence in our day to day activities. Some accidents lead to the destruction of property while others cause personal injuries. A neighbour’s dog may bite you, or someone may hit you with a bicycle while you are taking a stroll. Some people are kind enough, and you may settle without necessarily involving third parties. However, in some cases, you may have to involve insurance companies, or it may end up in a claiming process. It is essential to know the risks of claiming without an attorney. Many personal injury solicitors are available to ensure your claiming process goes on seamlessly.

Court rules and procedures can be difficult to understand for anyone who has never been to law school. Without a solicitor, you risk losing your case. In most cases, unrepresented people end up losing their claims due to failure to comply with the court rules which are foreign to them. Large firms are usually difficult to take on in court alone. Most of them hire the best attorneys in the country.

In case it is a case concerning defective goods a personal injury solicitor may come in very handy. More often than not adjusters take advantage of claimants who do not have legal representation. They tend to offer them little settlement amounts. Since the claimant may be undergoing financial difficulties, he/she is more likely to agree even when the settlement is not fair. A solicitor can be very helpful in negotiating better settlements for you.

Another risk of claiming without a lawyer is the inability to decide whether to settle, mediate or file a suit. Once the lawyer looks at the case he/she can advise you accordingly on which option is the best. Most people prefer settling since once both parties agree time and money is saved. However, in the case of mediation, insurance companies do not agree to mediate if the claimant is not represented.

Dealing with a claiming process can be tedious and stressful especially after an accident. Talking to your solicitor personal injury service can be very helpful. He/she will guide you, and you also get someone to direct your questions to. Without a lawyer, you may have to turn to people who have no experience, and they may mislead you.  Inability to correctly interpret insurance laws is also among the risks of filing without a lawyer. Not everyone who is not a personal injury solicitor or in the insurance business can comprehend insurance laws.

It may be impossible to know what exactly you are entitled to as per the policies without an attorney. Some insurance companies like doing their own investigations before settling claims. They may hire private investigators to assess how genuine your claim is. Most attorneys know private investigators which is helpful in knowing what the others have discovered. Personal injury solicitors are very important in a claiming process, and it is advisable to get one if the need arises. They can help you to avoid the risk of your claiming process failing.